Record hot tempratures left chaos in the town.

Heat Advisory

by Andrew444


July 12, 2014 was a historic day for Monkey Lake Town, South Carolina. The remains of Tropical Depression Bertha had fueled a warm front that passed directly over the town. Tempratures reached an all time record of 108° F. The beach had a heat advisory ongoing, and very few people went to the beach that day. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part happened at 1 P.M. when a surge of electricity went out at the power station. The heat knocked the power, and Monkey Lake Town was in heat and darkness. Over 5,000 citizens were powerless. Battery - powered fans had to be turned on, and people were sweating their hairs out. Fortunately, one man named Wyatt was very brave and decided to restore the power. He ran like the wind to the nearest powerline, grabbed his power line supplies, and worked until the power was back on. Many people thanked Wyatt for saving the power (and Monkey Lake Town from the heat.)