Are you new to the Silly Stories Wiki? Do you have no idea what to do here? Well, no problem! This page is meant to help you and guide through your first steps on the wiki. In addition, a guestbook is available to those who would like to participate before adding content.


User pageEdit

Edit your userpage so the community can learn about yourself!

Here are some good tips:

  • Tell people a little bit about yourself
  • Explain why you wanted to join the wiki
  • List your favorite pages on the wiki
  • Add some pictures
  • Create userboxes
  • and add fun features

Creating New PagesEdit

Creating new pages are the way you show work on this wiki. Here are some tips:

  1. Make articles that meet the "criteria" for silly stories.
  2. Get other users to view (and edit) your page.
  3. And also, think big when writing!


If you want to participate before you have content to add, do so on this page.