These are some fun, short silly stories.

Alicia's Funny AccidentEdit

Man on Woman's Face


Alicia witnessed an extremely unusual event. As she was walking down a sidewalk, a man's legs accidentally crashed into her face. She tripped onto the ground, laughing like crazy. Although it was scary, Alicia was okay and started walking again.

Aunt Isbell's HomeEdit

Aunt Isbell's Home

Auntie Isbell's rich house

Aunt Isbell owned a home at the top of a very humid, marshy wetland. It was pretty and smelled like roses. She owned lots of priceless items, like a flower vase, and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It was a fun place to stay and decorate inside and out.

The Daring DropEdit

220px-Times Square ball

Klaus of Paris, France traveled to New York to see the great ball drop! He waited a very long time before ball started to drop. Klaus counted to 1 with 1 million people, and yelled out "Happy New Year!"

The Lonely Robot Edit

Story Pic

The robot sees the landscape on a tall cliff.

In the remains of a nuclear war, a little robot named H-2 walked by, he was sad. Well, for one thing, he couldn't get off of the tall hill he sat on. But the real reason was because he was lonely. He shedded a tear, and then saw the Sun! Of course it was right with him all the time! He then, used his rocket boosters to skyrocket to the Sun! Well, when he reached the Sun, he made the Sun and himself blow up.

The Shortest Story EverEdit

This is my story....THE END.