Josephine Anwhistle

Aunt Josephine, long thought to have been dead, was indeed, still alive.

The Return of Aunt Josephine

by Andrew444


Altough Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire thought their beloved Aunt Josephine had fallen victim to the Lachrymose Leeches, she had actually survived them. Because Josephine was a good swimmer, combined with the fact she was wearing two life jackets, she swam to shore. But the task was not easy. Dozens of leeches were in her path. They were going to eat her because she had consumed a banana (if someone eats a edible product within one hour of setting foot on Lake Lachrymose, the leeches will come). So Josephine made a very risky decision and gave up one of her life jackets. This distracted the leeches and they began to head for the life jacket. As they attacked it, Josephine raced to shore. She took off her other life jacket upon reaching shore. It floated back into the lake. Once on the dock, she ran to the metal gate, fled the area, and was never seen again.