Alice trick-or-treating

Trick or Treat!

by Andrew444


It was October 31, 2011. Dusk was falling on Monkey Lake Town, South Carolina. Children were very excited, as the annual Halloween trick or treat would begin soon.

Alice was very excited! She was all ready. Her costume this year would be a fairy princess from Neverland. Many of her friends liked that costume. Her bag would be a wand filled with designs. Alice waited timidly until around 5:15 P.M.. That was when the trick or treating began. As her mother said, "Time to go!" she ran out the door quite fast!

First, Alice went to Uncle Bob's house next door to hers. She rang the doorbell once. Some footsteps scurried around, and there was Uncle Bob, dressed as a cow. "Trick or treat!" Alice said cheerfully. "Here's some candy, little sweetheart," Uncle Bob said as he gave Alice a bunch of candy. "Thank you!" Alice said in reply. "You're welcome. Happy Halloween!" said Uncle Bob. Alice walked down the porch to her mother, smiling in glee. "Did Uncle Bob give you some good candy?" her mother asked. "Yes, I did," was Alice's cute reply.

After Uncle Bob, Alice next traveled to Old Man Charlie's house, one house down. She did the same thing she did at Bob's: ring the doorbell, say "Trick or treat!", get candy, and jump to her mother in glee. This time, Alice's mom noticed Charlie gave her more candy than Bob, which was why she was a bit more cheerful.

Alice continued through every block in the neighborhood, getting lots of candy. Sometimes she got a lot, sometimes she got only a few. Her mother always noticed, though, she was happy whenever she got a ton of candy. Finally, after doing her whole block, Alice went home to tally the number of candies she got. She got 174 pieces of candy!!! This was more than double her previous record of just 65. She would a eat a lot that night, and tell everyone all about her Halloween.